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Julisa is a Fitness Bikini competitor, who recently earned her WNBF Pro Card.  For Julisa, this was an amazing accomplishment and major goal in her life.  She has now embarked on a new road in her journey, which is to motivate others to achieve their own life goals and dreams. Her journey to inspire and motivate others started when she stopped to take an honest look in the mirror one day, saw and realized a 40-year-old woman and said "I Love Myself!".  

Julisa has come to understand true happiness within herself and what the journey means.  This self-realization has ignited a passion to inspire others who may face challenges along their own journey, in an effort to show them that nothing can stop you from making your dreams a reality. She wants to see others be “The Best Version of Themselves.”

Favorite Quote: “Love yourself first, for you can’t truly love someone until you, Love Yourself”

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