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(WTNH) — Squeezing a workout into a hectic schedule can be a challenge, but with Your Fitness Network, you can take the gym wherever you go.

Your Fitness Network (YFN) was founded by two professional body-builders Guilaine Menefee and Devone Pollard. Knowing it can be difficult to find time to eat properly, exercise, find motivation to go to the gym, Guilaine and Devone created this platform.

YFN is different because they are live in the comfort of your own home, hotel, or office. Your Fitness Network brings this gym to you at your own convenience. Lifestyles like a traveling or busy professional, a working mom, even getting to and from the gym depending on the open hours all can constrain how your time is spent in a day.

Having a live trainer to watch and direct you while you workout can help keep you motivated. Using a DVD or left on your own, there’s no-one to hold you to completing anything. But having someone there, present and in the moment, prevents you from having an out. A trainer holds you accountable.

YFN trainers are on top of their game. Their fitness professionals and the owners are in shape, make healthy nutritional decisions, and have learned how to incorporate living a healthy life into our every day. Having a trainer who is in the shape that you may someday want to be in will help you want to fulfill your goal.

Source: http://wtnh.com/2018/02/19/your-fitness-network-brings-the-gym-to-you/

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