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It seems as though no one has time to work out, but Your Fitness Network is here to make being fit possible for all.

The YFN is an interactive online training and fitness program and will feature live training sessions and meetings.

YFN is the brainchild of business consultant and pro-bodybuilder Guilaine Menefee, Menefee Associates Consulting, LLC, and certified personal trainer and pro bodybuilder Devon Pollard. Pollard often trains clients in Manchester. Menefee is one of Pollard's clients.

"We're looking to be a platform for people to look at fitness holistically," Menefee said. "Our goal is to talk to people about how fitness transcends in every aspect of your life. We want the experience to be holistic."

The YFN will focus on fitness training and nutrition but will also target the emotional, mental, time, financial, work, social, and family aspects of creating a new fitness lifestyle for even the busiest person, Pollard said.

Clients will learn how to utilize their surroundings and homes to work out. The program will teach more than just gym techniques, Menefee said.

"Professionals can do it at work on their breaks, stay-at-home moms can do it in the living room. We want to make it convenient for everyone," Pollard said.

Menefee said that home workouts will be perfect for those who don't want to go out on days with bad weather and can't make it to the gym.

As a part of joining the program, users will have the opportunity to engage with any of the coaches live to help meet their goals in a particular area and comprehensively, Menefee added.

"It's all about giving that personal touch which [a lot of online training programs] don't have," Pollard said. "We're not just giving you videos, we're watching you."

The idea for YFN was inspired from the lives of both Menefee and Pollard. They know firsthand how it is to juggle relationships, parenting, social life, business ventures, working out, and even body building. Competing professionally has given them a heightened experience of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a fitness lifestyle, Menefee said.

"Bodybuilding shows you mentally and emotionally how your body responds to food," Menefee said.

Pollard added that it can be frustrating to not see results from training hard but it could be clients' eating habits that hold them back.

"Our job is to educate people on these kind of things so they don't quit, because that will make you want to quit too, feeling that way," he said.

Meal preparation tips will also be offered. Clients will not only learn what and how much to eat, but also when to eat for maximum results. Menefee actually has when she should eat penciled on her calendar along with her daily activities, she said.

"You literally have to be on a clock and this is when the lifestyle portion comes in," Menefee said. "When to eat, how to eat, your bedtime – it's all a factor."

Menefee and Pollard stressed that they are not trying to make everyone look like bodybuilders, but they want people to be healthy and get active.

"You can log in online at any time that fits your availability and we will help to push you and exercise you and you will get just as fantastic of a workout without the bulky equipment," Menefee said.

Trainers from YFN are currently running a pilot program with individuals in California, Georgia, Florida, and even as far as South Africa. Many of them are on the go and travel for work.

"You can be working or be on vacation and relax, but still sneak in that workout with a personal trainer," Menefee said.

The YFN will be accessible to everyone this fall.

Source: http://www.courant.com/community/manchester/hc-mr-manchester-your-fitness-network-preview-0907-20170907-story.html

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